Peace of Mind with Danek Fuel

Peace of mind is that extra something that costs you nothing extra when you call Danek Discount Fuel. You can rest assured that all of your heating needs will be professionally taken care of. Our “peace of mind services include quality fuel at discounted prices, automatic c.o.d deliveries". We offer emergency oil burner and furnace repairs and low cost service contracts. We offer a complete heating service for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Because of our dependable service and longevity in the industry many people have made the change to Danek Discount Fuel. You, too, can have peace of mind when it comes to heating your home or business. Call Danek Discount Fuel, the fuel oil distributor that has pleased so many others in this area.

Danek Discount Fuel inc

Our Goals

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our product.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To connect with our community.

Our Story

Danek Discount Fuel was founded in 1984 when we decided to start our own oil delivery service. With a small office created out of our home, a few flyers spread around town, and some determination we've been successful in servicing our local community.